About Me

 "All of us all over the world are cells in the body of humanity. You are not separate from your fellow humans, and you cannot find harmony for yourself alone. You can only find harmony when you realize the oneness of all and work for the good of all." --Peace Pilgrim

It is my earnest desire to provide compassionate, loving care, serving others through the gift of massage.

A little bit about me:

As a native of Lancaster County, I grew up on a farm and graduated from CV HS.  I graduated from the University of Maryland School of Nursing with a BS in Nursing.  I am married and have 3 beautiful grown children. I have been a registered nurse for over 25 years and worked in various medical settings, including hospital, nursing home, and home care.

While I loved working with and helping people in the medical settings, I often felt that "something" was missing. I love the beauty of our humanity--body, mind, and spirit—and have had a deep desire to connect with and care for people as well as a desire to support and facilitate the body’s potential to heal itself.  I believe that people need to be truly seen and heard to facilitate their healing, not just have their presenting symptoms treated.

After 11 years as a Hospice and Palliative care nurse, I was able to realize a long held dream of becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I trained and graduated from Lancaster School of Massage in 2014.

Sandy Stoltzfus RN, BSN, LMT